Palletways Member flushes out competition to secure UK Bathroom Store Contract

Kidds Transport has flushed out the competition to secure a contract with the UK Bathroom Store in a collaboration that will enhance how bathroom products are delivered to UK homes.

UK Bathroom Store required a logistics supplier after the IT systems used by its previous partner fell short of its exacting standards and demanding requirements. As part of the contract, Kidds Transport in Lancaster, a member of the Palletways network, will collect daily from UK Bathroom Store in Morecambe and deliver products, including bathroom furniture, baths, showers, toilets, taps and accessories, to customers across the UK.

Gary Forster, managing director at UK Bathroom Store, highlighted several factors that led to the appointment: “Timing was one factor, but the crucial aspect was the ability of Kidds Transport’s  IT systems to keep customers informed about the status of their deliveries which is now an expectation rather than a nice to have. Our decision was influenced by the enthusiasm and efficiency demonstrated by Kidds Transport team, something that should be standard but is actually a rarity in the industry.”

UK Bathroom Store supplies high-end high-value products so it’s crucial they’re handled correctly. Gary added: “In a world where the customer experience is paramount, this partnership is a win for everyone involved. We’re confident Kidds Transport’s expertise in logistics and commitment to quality will enhance our customers’ overall shopping experience as they’ll help us to offer a better service and more reliable deliveries. We’re excited about the possibilities this collaboration will bring to our customers and our business as we strive for growth and expansion.”

Simon Park, managing director at Kidds Transport, said: “We’re delighted to partner with the UK Bathroom Store to elevate the delivery experience for their customers. Both companies share an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction – we’re committed to upholding the reputation of the UK Bathroom Store by ensuring every product reaches its destination promptly and in perfect condition.”